Custom sewing patterns for all kinds of bodies

No more annoying pattern adjustments, just sewing fun.

Online Sewing Pattern Designer

How custom sewing patterns work

1) Pick a design & customize

Pick your favorite garment and either add it to cart or customize it using 1,000+ design options.

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2) Choose materials & checkout

Add matching fabrics and haberdashery if you like. Check everything out.

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3) Submit your measurements

Take your measurements with the help of our tutorials and submit them in your user account.

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4) Get pattern & materials

Get your custom pattern within a few days and (if chosen any) your materials straight to your door. Happy sewing! 🙂

Sewing patterns for all bodies

Time for real bodies

When you take the time to make a garment yourself, why not make it directly to your own measurements?

Picknsew sewing patterns are made-to-measure. They are individually created to your own measurements using state-of-the-art digital pattern development.

With written instructions including detailed photos, we make it as easy as possible for you to get closer to your new favorite piece.

Save yourself the hassle of adjusting patterns and invest your time in the fun sewing process.

Sewing patterns for all bodies
Sewing Pattern Designer

You are the designer!

Have you always dreamed of making your own individual sewing patterns?

Now it's the time! By using our innovative 3D Online Sewing Pattern Designer you will choose all details for your sewing pattern yourself. Tailored blouse with long sleeves and kent collar? Coming up! Blouse dress in mini length and side ruffles? No problem at all! 

With over 1,000+ possible variations you will create your dream custom sewing pattern in no time. Try it!

Sewing Pattern Designer

Pick and sew

Searching for the right fabric all over the internet for your next sewing project is over!

Each sewing pattern is linked with matching fabrics and haberdashery that have been tested and recommended by our designers. You can save time and effort in finding the right materials and have it displayed on your 3D model.

Already have a fabric at home and wondering if it suits a specific sewing pattern? Nothing easier than that! You can upload your own fabrics into the 3D sewing pattern designer after choosing a design and have it displayed on the garment. 


New custom sewing patterns

All Picknsew patterns are customized to your body measurements. You will be asked for your body measurements after checkout.

"A pretty amazing service if you ask me."
- Suna

"I'm a big fan of individual sewing patterns. Previously I sewed with standard patterns and was never 100% satisfied. Picknsew's made-to-measure sewing patterns just always fit."
- Yvonne


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