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Experience the joy of creating garments that fit like a dream and reflect your personal style. Unleash your sewing potential with Picknsew and unlock the world of sewing perfection.

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Fabrics & Haberdashery

We offer custom sewing patterns created specifically to your measurements, ensuring a flawless fit and eliminating the need for alterations. With our innovative 3D sewing pattern generator, you can explore a wide range of design options and visualize them from every angle, bringing your unique vision to life.

But that's not all – we go the extra mile to provide a one-stop sewing destination. Browse through our curated selection of fabrics and haberdashery, handpicked to complement your projects perfectly. From sustainable textiles to essential sewing supplies, we've got you covered.

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Simon Nieschke

Dr. Simon Nieschke

Isabella Heinz

Isabella Heinz
Fashion design

Sina Klama

Sina Klama
Fashion design

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All good things come in three.

When Simon had the vision of developing an easy way for hobby sewers to create their sewing patterns themselves in 2022, he knew that he could only do so in a team with true sewing and fashion experts. Isabella, Sina and Simon already knew each other from previous projects and so a team of three was quickly formed. Since the launch of Picknsew in 2023, the three of them have been doing everything they can to provide you with the coolest and best fitting sewing patterns.

Picknsew team

With love from Berlin

Our studio is located in the beautiful Gleimviertel in Berlin, Germany, right in the heart of the charming neighborhood Prenzlauer Berg. We are happy to be surrounded by lots of young and innovative start ups. A truly inspiring environment!

What sewing enthusiasts say about Picknsew


"Picknsew has transformed my sewing experience with their customized sewing patterns based on my individual measurements. Their user-friendly process and prompt service impressed me from the start. The resulting patterns were precise, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for any alterations. The garments created using Picknsew hugged my body in all the right places, emphasizing my curves while providing comfort. Their exceptional customer support and versatile design options further solidify them as my go-to choice for sewing patterns. Picknsew patterns are a worthwhile investment for any sewing enthusiast seeking a flawless fit and an enjoyable sewing journey."

- Lily Montgomery


"Experience the future of garment creation as perfect fit and creative visualization combine to elevate your sewing projects. The personalized patterns eliminate alterations, saving time, while the 360-degree configurator sparks endless creativity. With exceptional support and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Picknsew is the ultimate choice for achieving flawless and personalized garments.."

- Mia Sinclair

Funded by

Exist Logos

The Picknsew project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

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