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Design your individual sewing pattern.

How to make a pattern for sewing in 4 simple steps by using Picknsew®

13. May 2024

Have you ever wondered how to make a pattern for sewing at home? It’s true, to make sewing patterns from scratch you need a lot […]

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How to add width to skirt sewing patterns

Adding width to sewing patterns by adjusting sewing patterns: 4 easy ways

4. April 2024

In the following article you will learn all about adding width to sewing patterns for different kinds of pattern parts. These special techniques to adjusting […]

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Tracing garment

Make Sewing Patterns by Tracing an Existing Garment: 9 Simple Steps for Perfect Results

6. December 2023

In the world of sewing, creating your sewing patterns can be both a creative and practical endeavor. Crafting patterns from scratch allows for endless customization, […]

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How to make a sewing pattern

How to Make a Sewing Pattern: 3 Methods for Perfect Custom Garments

28. November 2023

Sewing enthusiasts know that mastering the art of creating sewing patterns requires skills and knowledge. For hobby sewers with no or little experience in creating […]

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How to adjust the length of sewing patterns

How to adjust the length of sewing patterns: Easily shorten & lengthen any pattern

14. November 2023

Even for experienced sewers, finding the perfect sewing pattern can be a real challenge. It may fit like a glove at the waist, hips or […]

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How to Measure Yourself for Sewing

How to Measure Yourself for Sewing Patterns in 7 Steps

12. October 2023

Are you a passionate hobbyist with a love for sewing? Have you ever found yourself scrolling through gorgeous sewing patterns, only to be disappointed when […]

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Set in sleeve

How to sew a sleeve

8. September 2023

Sewing in a sleeve can seem nearly impossible without the right technique and patterns. In the following article you can find out more about sewing […]

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Shorten a zipper

16. June 2023

Before the start There is a large, diverse selection of zippers. But zippers are always sold in standard sizes. At home lies the perfect zipper […]

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